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Pretty In Pink

You know how business owners are always so proud of the stuff they make?

Well, here at DreamVibes Custom Cables we’re no different. Both Yohanes and I use our own top-of-the-range DreamVibes Ion cables when we play on stage.

Not just that, we use them in bright colours too, not because we want attention, but because we want to get potential customers to ask us, “Hey, that’s a rad cable man, where’d you get that from?”

And off we’d go into our spiel.

Personally, I use a pink Ion cable, simply because that’s our most striking colour.

Do I like pink?


But I’ve got to say it’s grown on me as a cable colour, especially when stage lights hit it just right, like this!

Glowing Neon Pink DreamVibes Ion Cable

Literally #nofilter, and taken with my lousy phone camera (don’t ask).

Ignore the friend. He’s doing what all electric guitarists do best - getting into the frame! =P

Just kidding, he’s a good friend.

But isn’t that just so cool? It looks like the cable is glowing pink, but it’s not really; it’s just the Techflex braided protective shield doing its job. You can’t see it in the picture, but the plastic is shiny, so it reflects lots of light.

Oh, and the thickness of the Sommer Spirit base cable helps too, of course.

I thought it might not go all that well with my bass at first, because it’s a spalted maple top and all? But it actually turned out really nice!

What other colours do they come in?

Well they come in 10 other colours for a total of 11 different colours. If you want to see what they look like, head on over to our Ion cable listing - all the colours are there.

We’ve got the usual like black, white, red and blue, but we’ve also got other colours that are more… interesting.

For instance we have aqua, and that’s turning out to be a real popular colour, along with pink.

If you want a low key special colour, dark purple would be a good choice! It looks very luxurious but not outstanding at all.

In fact, that’s the colour I actually wanted to have on my cable originally.

So hey, check them out.

We definitely have a colour that goes well with your guitar or keyboard!