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An Unexpected Update

It's been nearly 2 years since we've posted on the blog. Imagine that! But we're excited about things to come. It's been a busy couple of years, an...

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Beyond!

Happy Black Friday guys! Like everyone else, we’re handing out the biggest discounts of the entire year on our products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Because you guys have been so good to us, we won’t be doing it for just 4 days – we’ll have it for an entire week!

We’re currently having 30% off all Corona basses and 10% off all DreamVibes cables.

Exciting Updates!

Hey guys, we haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because we’ve been busy with work making our “artisan” cables (What!? Everyone bandies about with that term these days!), and also discussing ideas and doing research for new products.

So what’s new then?

Special Order? Bring it on!

Here at DreamVibes, we willingly take custom cable orders.

We do special orders better than McDonald's. =P

Like, we can use any plug, soldered onto any cable.

I mean, there are several conditions, of course, but it’s pretty common-sensical.

Pretty In Pink

You know how business owners are always so proud of the stuff they make?

Well, here at DreamVibes Custom Cables we’re no different. Both Yohanes and I use our own top-of-the-range DreamVibes Ion cables when we play on stage.

Not just that, we use them in bright colours too, not because we want attention, but because we want to get potential customers to ask us, “Hey, that’s a rad cable man, where’d you get that from?”

And off we’d go into our spiel.

Personally, I use a pink Ion cable, simply because that’s our most striking colour.

A Happy Customer

Few things are more satisfying than being vindicated for using a less common cable brand (here in Singapore at least). We use Sommer for most of our custom cable work. We can definitely use other brands if customers request it, but we like to encourage them to try using Sommer as the base cable. At a comparable price point, we think there's no beating a Sommer cable!

A Year’s Worth of Being a Custom Instrument Cable Maker (Part II)

In the previous post, we talked about the difficulties we’d faced during our research phase - before we even started selling custom cables.

But like we’ve said, those weren’t the only difficulties we faced. There were also lessons we only learnt after we made our cable available to the public.

A Year’s Worth of Being a Custom Instrument Cable Maker (Part I)

Wow, it's been about a year since DreamVibes started selling custom cables.

At this point last year we were just about finishing our research & development phase, and it had been a tough time.

Even though Yohanes had had a lot of experience soldering cables in his previous job, assembling the best instrument cable in the world was a whole different kettle of fish.