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Special Order? Bring it on!

Here at DreamVibes, we willingly take custom cable orders.

We do special orders better than McDonald's. =P

Like, we can use any plug, soldered onto any cable.

I mean, there are several conditions, of course, but it’s pretty common-sensical.

The first, of course, is making sure all the parts fit together physically. If the cable’s diameter is bigger than the exit hole of the plug you want, it’s going to be neigh on impossible to put together. It’ll be like squeezing toothpaste back into the tube.

On the other hand, if the cable’s diameter is too small and there’s too much space at the exit hole of the plug, then there won’t be enough support for the cable, and there’ll be too much strain on the solder joint.

We won’t take on jobs like that, but what we CAN promise you, is that we’ll take your cable specifications, do our research accordingly and advise you on whether we’re willing to work with the specs you want.

The second condition is that you’ve got to be willing to pay a little more for what we don’t carry in bulk. Sure, we don’t carry popular cable brands like Mogami or Canare, and only carry a couple models of Sommer cable, but what we believe in, we stock in bulk.

Same goes for plugs. We use G&H plugs as our standard plugs because they’re simply the best in the business. Want us to use Neutrik or Switchcraft? We’ll definitely do that, but be prepared to pay a little more because we have to individually source for and buy what we don’t stock in bulk.

Case in point: one of our most loyal customers is this guy called Joseph. He comes to us a lot for his custom patch cable needs. He’s a little bit unique in the sense that he has a lot of BTPA cable lying around for some reason. So he often comes back to us to get patch cables made with them.

We used to use Hicon pancake connectors with our LNX patch cables, but switched over to SquarePlug because they’re a better fit for the skinny Sommer Onyx cable we use as our standard patch cables. So we used the entire leftover stock of Hicon plugs for Joseph’s custom BTPA patch cables. They’re a good match for the Hicons because they’re pretty thick and fit nicely.

However, when he recently came back to do up another batch, we no longer had Hicon plugs in stock. We had to get them in much smaller quantities, from another source (which shall remain our trade secret =P).

Hicon Pancake Plugs (Special Order)

Yeah, it was more expensive, but Joseph went ahead with it anyway because he wouldn’t be able to get them anywhere else for a better price here in Singapore.

In a way, that’s a testament to both how good the Hicon plugs are (they’re actually our favourite plugs for thick patch cables!), and the quality of our custom cable services.

Got an idea for a cable? Mono? Stereo? XLR? Snake? Chances are, we’ll do it. Hit us up here for a quote and we’ll see what we can do for you!