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Cables 101 #1 - Introduction: The Best Instrument Cable In The Universe???

What’s The Best Instrument Cable in the Universe?

To qualify to be the best in the entire universe, instrument/guitar/patch cables need to have these characteristics:

  • Carry the entire bandwidth of audio with a completely flat response
  • Completely devoid of capacitance, or has adjustable capacitance
  • Completely devoid of electrical resistance
  • Completely resistant to microphonics & distortion
  • As flexible as a strand of hair
  • Never gets tangled
  • Indestructible

Is that even possible? With current mono audio cable technology, no. Not even DreamVibes custom cables are that godlike!

However, we’ve done our research and make our products from the best cables and plugs available on the market today. When you use our cables, you can be completely confident that you’ll never need to worry about them.


Cheap Cables VS Value-For-Money Cables

Every musician we know starts off with budget cables. No judgement from us – we all start somewhere, don’t we? But most of us come to a point where we realise that:

  1. These cheap cables are preventing us from realising our dream tone, OR
  2. Dealing with the unwanted noise & unreliability becomes too big of a headache

So we turn on the computer, we open up our browser, we get online to do some research on cables… and promptly encounter a deluge of fantastic claims that the big brands make about their cables. Quite a lot of these are actually half-truths, and some of them make for good reading when we need a good laugh on a bad day.

However we, the good folks at DreamVibes Custom Cables, thought you should learn about what you need to consider when deciding whether a cable is really worth spending your hard-earned money on.

We came up with a list of the most important qualities you need to think about, which we eventually decided to turn into a series of articles to help you understand the science behind what we do, but in a layman-ish, not so science-y manner. Or so we hope!  So here you go:

Now, if only we could import those Vibranium cables from Wakanda…