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Pedalboard Routing

Being vastly experienced at setting up pedalboards enables us to bring you the full range of services associated with pedalboard routing including:

  • Custom patch cable lengths
  • Neat and discreet wiring
  • Ideal pedal arrangement
  • Power supply mounting

We work with all pedalboards and as we’re musicians ourselves, we know that cables should be neither seen nor heard. We promise that you’ll never get a messy pedalboard back, and you won’t get any noisy cable connections either because they get on our nerves as much as yours!

Just in case you were wondering – we will not use solderless cables for to wire your pedals up unless you insist on and provide us with them. It is our belief that soldered patch cables are far superior and less problematic compared to solderless ones. They’ll take rough handling and jostling much better.

Here are some examples of boards we’ve done up:

Temple Board Top

Temple Board Bottom

White Temple Board


Pedal Train Top

Pedal Train Bottom

Pedal Train


Flatboard Top

Flatboard Back



How much do we charge?

  • Normal rate: SGD65.00 per hour
  • Rush job (within 3 working days): SGD75.00 per hour
*All pedalboard routing rates inclusive of cable ties and cable tie mounts.
**Custom patch cables sold separately. See here for pricing.


If you have any questions, drop us an email here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!