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DreamVibes Custom Cables

True to our values (and yours, we hope!), DreamVibes custom cables give you the highest quality and lowest capacitance in their class. They’re so value-for-money that even your aunt who has a PhD (Bargaining) wants one.

Painstakingly hand-assembled & tested by us here in Singapore, our cables are made from Sommer cable and G&H connectors.

If you haven’t heard of Sommer cables, here’s what you need to know. They’re made in Germany. Think Mercedes-Benz. Think BMW. Think durability, performance, and precision engineering.

We’re pretty sure you know G&H plugs. As far as we know, we're proud to be the only custom cable maker using these in Singapore. Besides being renowned for their USA-made quality and toughness, we also think they’re sexy looking things.

We think Sommer and G&H are a great match. That’s why DreamVibes cables are made from them.

Our One Year Warranty on all DreamVibes custom cables will help chase away any fears you have about reliability. DreamVibes cables are made to last.

Check them out!


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