Note: Due to the COVID-19 situation, there may be significant delays for all international shipments in and out of Singapore.

An Unexpected Update

It's been nearly 2 years since we've posted on the blog. Imagine that!

But we're excited about things to come. It's been a busy couple of years, and especially so for the last few months.

Firstly, we're bringing in Boxxcase's new line of BRIGS pedalboards. They're premium. Quality parts and meticulous fit & finish. Twice the pedal real estate in 3 sizes we're all familiar with. Yet the prices remain competitive in spite of all the extra functionality and quality. You guys gotta check them out, man.

Secondly, we've finalized our parts and manufacturing process for making our signature ION Cables and hopefully, we'll be able to launch them soon (both in Singapore and elsewhere) with the new packaging. If 'Rona permits, that is.

Finally, we've launched the DreamVibes Partner Program, which allows you guys, especially our longtime customers, to sign up as partners and get paid when you refer fellow musicians to our store with your link and they buy from us. Everyone wins!

That's about it for now. Let's hope the next update won't be in another 2 years time hahaha.