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DreamVibes ION Instrument Cables - 3m

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The DreamVibes ION cable is our pride and joy. They’re made from by far and away the best cable on the market to date: the Sommer Spirit LLX.

Boasting the lowest capacitance out of all instrument cables, these breathe new life into your tone, letting you hear the “air” – the highs you never knew were there.

If you need uncompromising sound & build quality, especially for passive instruments, get yourself a DreamVibes Ion cable. The low capacitance will allow your tone to shine where lesser cables falter.


  • Sommer Spirit LLX cable
  • Ultra-low capacitance; unparalleled sound quality
  • German build quality; ultimate durability
  • Braided copper shield; consistent RFI shielding
  • Rubber heatshrink; long-lasting strain relief
  • Velcro cable tie; securely coiled cables
  • Choice of 2 G&H connectors (Straight, Angled)
  • Choice of 3 TechFlex colours (protective outer layer)


Note: If you don’t see the options you want here (e.g. G&H Quiet Plugs on both ends, or custom cable lengths), contact us here to find out more!


*Quiet Plug anti-pop mechanism does not work with active guitars/basses