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Unassembled Patch Cables

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These unassembled patch cables comprise of the same components as our DreamVibes LNX-SP patch cables. With 1.8m of Sommer Onyx Tynee cable and 6 SquarePlug heads, you can solder up 3 cables to your desired lengths!

The Sommer Onyx Tynee is a cable specifically manufactured to be installed in tight spaces and left mostly untouched. Despite being Sommer’s thinnest, most flexible audio cable, it’s renowned in professional circles for being super durable.

SquarePlug heads are the slimmest, narrowest pro quality flathead plug we’ve sourced. We get them from French company KMMK, who decided that enough was enough and finally decided to design and build a soldered plug that’ll fit most 'board mounted loop switchers.

If you're handy with a soldering iron and need custom patch cable lengths without waiting for us to make them, this is the item you're looking for!


  • 1.8m of Sommer Onyx Tynee cable
  • Spiral copper shield; better flexibility
  • Single shield; unparalleled thinness
  • 6 SquarePlug connectors; slimmest & narrowest soldered plug
  • Pro-level build quality; ultimate durability