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Boxxcase BRIGS Mark II - DreamVibes Music

Boxxcase BRIGS Mark II (2023 Update!)

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The 2023 edition of the Boxxcase BRIGS Mark II still has #MoreProtection #MoreSpace #MoreFlexibility, all the traits that you loved about the original Mark II, but with a metal top surface. Customers have been asking for this because they prefer using 3M Dual Lock to secure their pedals with and Boxxcase has delivered!

The Fuse Power Socket ensures pedal safety even during electrical failures.

Pedals can be placed on both the top and bottom layers. More pedal space!

Included JunctionBOXX allows for clean and flexible pedal routing.

For all you Singaporeans out there, translation: this pedalboard is #MoreBetter~!!! ;-)