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[SOLD OUT] Corona Melvin Lee Davis Signature Jazz Bass 5 String Black - DreamVibes Music

[SOLD OUT] Corona Melvin Lee Davis Signature Jazz Bass 5 String Black

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If you play bass, and you’ve never heard of world-renowned jazz and R&B bassist Melvin Lee Davis, well… Let this video of him playing the bass he endorses be a mind-blowing introduction to you!

Stunning, isn’t it?

And in his hands is the very bass that we’re so proud to be bringing to you in Singapore – the Corona Melvin Lee Davis Signature Jazz Bass.

We have tried it ourselves, and we can’t believe how incredible it sounds, looks and feels. Let me run you by some of its finer points.

Tone is the most important aspect of any instrument, and this bass has it in spades. There’s a reason that the J bass is one of the most popular bass guitars in the entire world. Sound engineers and musicians alike love it. Because it has such a familiar sound, it’s easy to make it sound good. It can run passive and sound old school; it can sound modern and hi-fi, just by flipping on the active preamp and turning a few knobs. It’s just that flexible. If you haven’t found your dream tone on bass, we bet you can coax it out of this!

The MLD bass doesn’t skimp on craftsmanship either. It has flawless finishing and fretwork, and also has one of our favourite features on the thin neck – a non-sticky satin finish that allows your hand to move ever so smoothly at speed. Guess you can’t blame your bad notes on a sticky finish any more huh?

Another thing we’ve simply got to mention is that it comes standard with a gig bag from one of the biggest names in the industry – Gator Cases. A light, protective semi-hard bag with plush red lining and a roomy side compartment, you can be sure that your MLD bass will arrive at your gig all ready for action.

As a special bonus, we at DreamVibes will make sure you get your MLD bass with a proper setup and intonation, so that it’s all ready to go out of the case.

If you’d like to hear how a non-master bassist makes it sound, watch us mess around with it here:

Contact us if you’d like to try it out. We can arrange a time with you, no obligation to buy. Can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to resist the GAS though!