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DreamVibes NEX Instrument Cables - 3m - DreamVibes Music

DreamVibes NEX Instrument Cables - 3m

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The DreamVibes NEX cable is our cable for the masses. Boasting exactly the same features as big brother ION, the only difference is that we use Sommer Tricone MKII as the base cable.

Which means that despite having slightly higher capacitance, you get the same amazing German build quality and durability. It’s also more flexible, which is important if you need to roll it up into smaller coils.

If your pocket doesn’t reach to your knees, and you only need a shorter cable, get yourself a DreamVibes NEX cable. Then start playing with a new smile on your face!


  • Sommer Tricone MKII cable
  • Best-in-class capacitance; unbeatable value
  • German build quality; ultimate durability
  • Spiral copper shield; better flexibility
  • Rubber heatshrink; long-lasting strain relief
  • Velcro cable tie; securely coiled cables
  • Choice of 2 G&H connectors (Straight, Angled)
  • Choice of 2 TechFlex colours (protective outer layer)


Note: If you don’t see the options you want here (e.g. G&H Quiet Plugs, or custom cable lengths), contact us here to find out more!


*Quiet Plug anti-pop mechanism does not work with active guitars/basses